One hand does the work of the other hand, in a unique way, just as you are a hand to the entire universe. When you reach out and touch your hand to the hand of another being you will find that you are always in the perfect place and that each encounter is meant to be. It is in this way that we influence each other, the earth and the universe, not by trying to be like another but only in examining what it is that fits with who it is that we are. When it is learned that nothing in this life is accidental that we do meet ourselves in each person, place or thing that we encounter on earth plane, it becomes easy to understand our life experiences. You have learned this lesson through being able to cross over into all lines of beingness. Your life experiences have sent you far to learn what it is that you needed to learn and be the human you are today.

Kindness is a part of what it is that you have learned, and kindness begins with you being kind to yourself, believing in yourself.  When that happens kindness spreads to all you encounter on your journey through life and will move forward from all that you encounter to all that they encounter and the movement of kindness goes throughout our universe and all that we are apart of!

Peace, love, light and blessings as we spread kindness to all in this moment today!

“White Eagle”

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