Every living being carries with it, a spirit, purpose and medicine… You are a gift to the world. You hold a sacred flame, like no other. Inside you, lives a medicine… Your creation was not an accident. As you journeyed from the spiritual to the physical realm, You were blessed with special abilities, talents and gifts. You were purposefully placed upon mother earth to fulfill a sacred journey… One that only You are capable of completing… Believe in this… believe in yourself… and give thanks for this gift of life…

Each and every day, you are blessed with opportunities to walk in love and beauty… created to see the awe and wonder in every creation.. . The spirit, breathed into You by the Creator, purposefully chose your body, song and story …. You were placed into this world, with a set of circumstances to learn from and live through…. You carry with you an inner light that has the ability to change the world…. An ability to bring love, peace and compassion to a world that is out of balance and out of synch with nature and its flow… We live in a world where human beings have become disconnected from all that matters… the Creator, themselves, mother earth and the web of life…
Each morning when you awake, revel in your creation, in who you are and ask yourself how you will express gratitude for life and the lessons it carries? What will You do with the gift of life that you carry in your body? As you ponder, please remember this lesson I learned later in life…
One of the greatest gifts you can give the world is a healthy you… You are a gift to the world. With each step you take, may you remember, there cannot be light without darkness… it is a natural law of life… life is made up of polar opposites and not punishment… without them, balance is not possible… each has a purpose and one cannot exist without the other… just as deep within each of us, lives the good wolf and the bad wolf…. which one you will feed is Your choice… The ways in which you will bless the world with your Being, are left for You to decide… This is a gift, one that has endless possibilities and keeps on giving, each day, if you choose to do so… Life will not be free of storms but if you choose to walk in love, you will experience the magic of a rainbow… On your journey, remember to listen to your heart instead of your head… may you seek peace instead of choosing to worry… Worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it doesn`t get you anywhere. Know that many of our hurts and ills come from the way we think, the things we say, and the way we choose to interact with the world… Have faith in your Maker and ask yourself why we seem to wait for a crisis to truly recognize and manifest our love for ourselves, our lives and each other?
Each day may you acknowledge the light and warmth in everyone, the sacred flame in every living being and may you rise above the inclination to judge another`s spirit according to their body, beliefs or circumstances….. Don’t worry about what people think of you… It is none of your business and what matters is what you think of you because everywhere you go, You goes with you… The way you feel about yourself has much to do with how you will treat others… Every morning when you wake, make a conscious choice to love yourself, embrace who you are, and give thanks for the precious medicine you bring to the world. May you carry with you a spirit of love, generosity and kindness… Our sacred journey is not outside of us, it is within us… It is part of us, in everything we do and everything that we are.
As we walk, our Ancestors walk with us. As we dance, our Ancestors dance…. Each step that we place upon this physical plane is an important one and we never walk alone. Listen, and you will hear their whispers, feel their footsteps and be blessed by their energies… And remember always, that our spirit is an extension of them and they are an extension of us, they are part of us. And We are One, all interconnected…though spirit… May you acknowledge and revel in their presence each time you feel the pulse of mother earth… Each day, give thanks for this truth… and revel in the wisdom of knowing that it is our spirit that connects us with the memories of all that went before us, all that is, all that will be and all that we are.
This truth will bring unity among many gentle souls roaming this earth plane… because human beings have forgotten the instructions on how to live… many will come forward, who will hold a thread of the original teachings… they will bring sacred knowledge, a divine way of seeing life and our interconnectedness… They will bring love, light and the unification of all peoples into a Oneness, with all relations. May you be blessed each and every day with these messengers, sent to bring light and love and reveal the old ways for a new world to come… their presence will grip you…. their words will speak to your heart, you will connect in spirit… they too will carry with them, sacred teachings, personal medicine and spiritual blessings that will help change the world…You will need them as they will need you… When you are blessed by their being, give thanks, give well and take the time to listen and learn from their wisdom and sacred essence… With every life lesson, may you soar with wisdom, practice compassion and live in love… and always remember that you do not walk alone… You are precious…. You are loved.
All My Relations – Hai Hai

“Red Berry”

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