This poem was written by Rain Creaser before her passing.  It is a poem about honouring our journey through life,  being human and finding our purpose on earth.  Thank you Rain for being  in my life physically and in spirit in all ways for always!

Peace, love, light and blessings as you journey forward!

“White Eagle”



A gathering of souls

Appearing from diverse journeys and learnings

Each infused with memory cells of the wisdom that is the creator

Individually carry a diametric piece to the ultimate puzzle

The intrinsic worth of the human spirit rouses and cajoles them


To relay words, thoughts and feelings of inspiration and


That is timeless and multi dimensional

None stand in complete perfection but are perfection in their intent

To deliver an annotation to their brothers and sisters

That promotes hope and awakenings

To revive the human spirit and allow us all to soar once again

To let go of the suffocating technology and arrogance

To release the suffering and poor self  image

And honour the glory of who we are

In order to celebrate the gratification of simply



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