This is message for You!

It goes out to each and every single one of You! Members of my Spiritual and Soul Family, You know who you are. People of the Love, always walking beside me, seeing the Light of who I truly am as a Being and fully loving and supporting me. I want You to know, how dearly and truly I love You! You are all special and so very loved. I wish to express, how much You matter, to me and to the whole reality we are creating. I want to show my appreciation for each and every one. I wish to tell You all personally, what magnificent Lights You All are, what a profound impact You have on the collective consciousness field. What the Light of your Being does, when it just is and how powerful the imprint of your Almighty Love is! We are each a reflection of One another, we are All but One! I am so honored and humble because of your Presence in my Life. And I deeply show my gratitude with these simple words coming from my Sacred Heart, hoping to reach all of your Beloved Hearts. This is how powerful we are Together, as One! I am really happy to be co-creating with such Light Beings. Let’s illuminate together and let’s dream … Awake!
Polona Somrak

Shared by “Michael”

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