My Awakening Journal - White EagleFor the past 10 years every time I would pick up a book to read a message would come through me telling me to  “read your own book”!  I went ahead and read other books, however, this message would continually arrive, READ YOUR OWN BOOK, READ YOUR OWN BOOK.

I love to read and I found that I was able to read romance novels, western novels, and funny stories, without this message consistently showing up or coming through me however, anytime I attempted to read an Inspirational or New Age book, this message would appear!

Since I have written and published “My Awakening Journal, A Journey to Enlightenment”, this message no longer appears in the same way!  It sure is nice to have the messages from my book and recognize that every person I meet also has their own messages!

Have you found yours and are you reading your own book?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

My Awakening Journal, A Journey to Enlightenment is available through Author House, and and Barnes and Noble!  Enjoy learning to read your own book too!

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