Why is it when its dark outside my day goes by really fast ?

Is it because I can not see the sun passing over head or maybe when its hidden I forget about time so it flys by with out a care!

But then again,  I am different kind of animal !

Then I thought maybe the reason is  I try to find a balance between light and dark and on gray days they are cancelled out so I get a day, of even flow.   That could be it or then again I may never know!

What I do know is am still in this lovely world with the greatest person that makes life worth living, who makes others laugh , and shows that its ok to just be yourself,
to share their time with a listening ear for those who need to share their stories, or to be able to share their stories to those who need them.

That person is able to give love with out payment in return .
and on that note I’ll tell who it is,   well what do you know,.. you guessed right!
it was you I was talking about all this time,

I hope this makes you happy, because it sure makes me happy that you know!

“Wandering Eagle” Dean

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