As a young child my world was not full of sunshine and lollipops, but then again there were moments of good times!
I had a real strange (lets call her foster mom,even though she was my aunt), and her teachings for me were as follows:

  • I was never going to be anything in life cause I was no good,
  • I would end up in jail for the rest of my days .
  • She would even to go as far as saying no one would ever love me.

Upon hearing these things on a daily basis I began to think that way!
I believed that I didn’t matter and I was mad at the world for giving me life.

Somewhere along the line in my life came a great escape from that world and that way of thinking , and I knew that I was not that person that I was told I was going to turn into.

In that moment I knew that my life was not made up by another person nor was I not
in control of my own destiny!

  • So Yes I am a somebody ,I am a caretaker that takes care of the first one ,
  •  I have never been in jail other than just a quick visit ” kids will be kids”,and last but not least,
  • love was easy to find it was just trying to figure out if  love was sex or sex was love and this sad to say because by the time I got it the page had turned but I did find it and it’s something great.

So I win!
At times I giggle, even for a bad teacher my foster mom did help me turn into a good person,  and for that I give her respect, but I don’t give her respect for anything  else.

“Wandering Eagle” (Dean)

2 thoughts on “I WIN

  1. Your writings inspire me everytime I read them! You are a blessing to the world, with great wisdom to share… I admire your strength, resilience and ability to love even through the tougher lessons of life… keep up the awesome writing, you are so very gifted! Peace, love and light…. `Redberry`

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