The only things that don’t lie to you are your own eyes and ears!
With all of the rest use caution!
Do you lie to yourself ?
Do you not believe what your eyes show you or what you hear as truth ?
In other words, if you can use these two things that you where born with
as your greatess tools, then you won’t be fooled anymore!
You need to use them because if you don’t , you may just become one of the herd.
When your one of the herd, others may make your choices for you and thats never a good thing.
We all struggle with finding out our purpose and why we were made,
We all want answers to questions, so why is it we are not allowed
to know the truth ?
Well sometimes the truth just seems to be crazy, but if its the truth, that is how we have to take it!

Just a reminder to remember is that we are not alone and if you don”t
believe me just look up at night time, use your eyes,  listen and remember that it is O.K.  to ask questions!
Sometimes you will receive lies but it is O.K. because you still
have your eyes and ears that can be  put to good use so that you will know for sure what is the truth!

“Wandering Eagle” (Dean)

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