Based on a true event.
When I was in high school  at the age of 17,
I was what you would call a headbanger, you know heavy metal bands.
and a rebel with out a car lol,
Anyway one day I was in class where we were spray painting the crafts we made in
the schools metal shop. I was doing my thing and I was with another fellow ,
who I asked if he realized that when you put a flame to the can you will get a flame thrower!
He replied that he didn’t believe me , so of course I had to show him!
Little did I realize I was to close to the fan that sucked out the fumes ,
so as I started to show him.  I didn’t realize that I had set the school on fire,
but the other fellow did and started to yell fire, fire!
I told him to shut up and as I turned I saw that the filters were burning,
so I grabbed the one that was burning out of the machine , and
as I did this it burst into flames and the other one sucked the flames into the other
filter and yup I grabbed that one too,and I started to put it out but it was to late.
The smoke was every where I used my jacket to put it out but ,we  were
not sure if the hole vent system was burning or not!
As we all were standing outside I heard the teachers saying,
“well at least it’s a real fire”! that statement kind of surprised me .
At that time I knew I had a responsibility to come clean,
so I confessed the crime and I figured that I was  done for,
but to my surprise there was no punishment!
They didn’t believe me even when my mom was with me in the
office ,the principal, said to my mom that I was taking the blame for someone else.
My mom looked at him and said ,”look if my son said he did it ,he did it”!
There was no punishment handed out ,even for the damage I did,
so at that point in my life , I began my walk down the responsible road .
I always take ownership of all my misdeeds,
sometimes it helps and some times you pay a price but in the end
it made me a more stronger person in life .
I am not saying go burn something so you can be responsible, what I am saying is when we take
control of our own actions ,sometimes its really not so bad!

Shared by “Wandering Eagle” (Dean)

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