Have you ever wondered where we all came from ?

It just came to me when I was born that I saw nothing but blackness, the first thing I remember was going down a road with trees, well of course I was with the family! Before that, why can’t I remember? Could it be that there is a reason why we are not allowed to remember?

Maybe if we did there would be no reason for the question is there life after death?

Well, we know now that we keep going and that there is no real death just a new beginning or it’s just a return home! The reason is when we come to the end of this road and leave to the next almost everyone who goes out naturally says I want to go home, why is that ?
It makes for a good discussion, so think about it do we only visit this world when we need to learn or to teach our spirits about being human.?

We learn:

  • to care ,
  • share and
  • to show love and respect ,

and all of this we can throw to the side. and replace it with things that make us behave stupidly,like booze, greed and so called power ( on a personal note I don’t believe there is any leader on this planet that cares for us, really cares for us, they just say they do)  I believe that this happens, so in all reality we will keep coming back to this world until we get this, our world,  cleaned up, and that it may never end!

The wise and free spirits who read this will understand what I mean , the rest of the humans may still be confused ,and will look to the others to keep leading them!

Maybe we should all try and be who and what we are by not to following the rest of the herd!

Do you believe that you have got what it takes to walk with the gods ?

That is a question only you can answer!

The reason for me  writing Gods is that there are so many to choose from and there maybe more to come who knows ?

All I know that it is my choice!

Wandering Eagle (Dean)

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