Here is a question for you!
If you went to bed and you didn’t wake up tomorrow,
which would mean that today was your last day on earth,
Would you be proud of what you have done in this life ?
If you don’t believe you would be proud,  you best be getting your butt in gear !!

  • Its never to late to say I love you to the ones that you care for,
  • to show kindness to the ones who need it,
  • to accept things for what they are and not to try and change them
  • to show you are an awesome human.

Remember that  the creator made you for a reason, and you chose to come here to experience this thing called life!

We all did, maybe its time for a new begining and we don”t want to miss it when it comes and who knows when it will happen ?

So go ahead and take a good look at yourself and see what  you can be proud of!

One more question for you to examine is:

Do you use your free will ?


Do you wait for someone else to do it for you ?

Remember that is  is the ones who use their free will,  who stand apart from the herd!

Where do you stand ?

Interesting question!

“Wandering Eagle” (Dean)

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