In order for me to set my boundaries I really do need to understand what my beliefs are around the boundary that I am about to set!

Yesterday I ran into a situation where my beliefs and my boundaries really clashed.  There is a program in our community that is all about Economic Development, Community Growth and Support.  I have been approached to administer a program that has been set up to provide a service to enhance this growth and development.

When I arrived in this community a few years ago, I had set a boundary for myself which was to not get involved politically in what was happening in the community.  The clash begins with my belief……this community really requires this program so that the young people will be able to thrive in the future!

What do I do, put aside my belief, or put aside the boundary I have set?

Do you have boundaries and beliefs that clash in your life?

What are they, and what will you do about them?

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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