Has anyone ever taught you how to breathe?

In my entire life on earth no one  ever taught me how to breathe until yesterday!

I have had breathing difficulties for many years, and finally I was invited to therapy for my lung issues.

What an eye opener!

On the day I decided to become consciously aware of  all I AM and all I DO moment to moment during this day I learned that I did not know how to breathe properly!

Breathe in count to 2, breathe out count to 4!

So simple and the benefits for me are astounding.  I am no longer walking around with an over abundance of carbon dioxide in my lungs!  I sure wish someone had taught me this when I was a child!

This is the perfect example of conscious awareness.  Subconsciously I knew how to breathe when I was a child, however, I was never made aware of it consciously until this point in my life.  When I ran into difficulties breathing, medical staff would tell me to breathe and I made the assumption that I needed air in my lungs so I would take a long breath in and a very short breath out……No wonder I have had so much difficult with my lungs.  Breathe in, count to 2, breathe out count to 4.

How simple it is!

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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