Miracles show up in the strangest ways sometimes when you are not looking for them and other times out of dire necessity!

A few nights ago I was having a very difficult time breathing while I was sleeping because of the humidity in the air. My throat began to close off and I was gasping for breath and all of a sudden I could not breathe. I was half asleep, and then I woke up and began to panic. The more I panicked the harder it was to breathe and all of a sudden I was gasping for breath and then I was not able to breathe at all. My partner was calmly sound asleep, and I could not move. All of a sudden I felt the sensation of hands moving across my back and gently pushing, and gently slapping me on the back. There was no one there physically, but today I certainly give thanks for the miracle of spirit that assisted me in breathing and staying here on earth plane to complete all I am to do here! Thank you creator, and thank you spirit. Life is a miracle, breath is a miracle and I am so thankful to have both today!

Peace, love, life and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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