Have you ever run into a person that exudes positive thoughts all of the time?
The first time I ran into a person who radiated all of these positive vibes, I certainly was perplexed and annoyed by it!

I was working in the counselling department of a high school and it was one of those days! Kids were upset, teachers were stressed, every problem that I could think of I seemed to be right in front of me on this day!  What a day it was and then out of the blue a youth worker entered into my space, smiling a bright and toothy grin, full of sunshine, lollipops and rainbows telling me what a wonderful day it was!

Wow, what a shock this was for me to encounter on this day from hell!

I remember looking at her, shrugging my shoulders and leaving quickly before this wonderfully positive individual received a whole load of negative feedback from me!

I went back to my office after dealing with a couple of situations and was looking forward to sitting down, grounding myself, and pulling myself back together again……..and there she was!  Waiting for me!

She was still smiling, overly optimistic, and annoying!  I took the time to take a few deep breaths, entered my office and sat down to talk with her.  To my amazement, she was not the positive person that she portrayed on the outside.  When she was stressed out, nervous, angry and upset, she smiled and overcompensated on the outside because of how she felt on the inside.

I learned a lot from her on this day about positive thinking!  Being positive in life needs to be real, if I am exuding a positive attitude in life I need to:

  • feel positive from the inside out
  • remember that animals show their teeth and grin when they are about to attack
  • be congruent in each moment with my thoughts, feelings, beliefs and physical being
  • recognize that it is OK to have a bad day too!

Now on a positive note, go out and create yourself a great day full of realness!

Remember, if it isn’t feeling great right now, you can change it once you recognize it, but only if you choose to and it is real for you!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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