The Key to Work-Life Balance – is STOP dealing with work as something outside of your life…It is part of your life and needs to be balanced accordingly.

  • Keep things simple – there are really only five major areas in your life…five fingers…Self, Family, Community, Work/Education, and Leisure
  • Give validation to your innermost knowing
  • Pay attention to your feelings of Dis Ease
  • Take a look at all areas of your life, not just work, or not just family, treat your life as a whole not a part of…
  • Identify areas that are robbing you of time for things of importance to you
  • Learn to delegate,
  • Identify and use your resources…are you really the only one that can do everything better than someone else…or are you so in control that you are out of control.
  • Identify your goals and dreams, write them down and share them with the important people in your life.
  • Let others in on your plans…you don’t have to be an island.
  • Avoid taking on new tasks or activities that will not assist you in achieving your goals and dreams
  • Separate the have to’s from the want to’s
  • Be realistic in your estimation of how much time you need to accomplish what you have set out to do
  • Learn to say “NO” or if you can’t say no, respond “I’d like to but I can’t”
  • Give yourself extra time for tasks and activities to allow for the unknown

Most of all…Live, Laugh, and Love…right here, right now in this moment!

Be honest, Have you ever heard anyone say at the end of their days,

I wish I could have worked more!


“White Eagle”

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