In hindsight, last week amazed me with the amount of syncronicity that came to light in my life.  It was Magic!

I was busy, bogged down with so many things to do, so many people to see, and what seemed so little time to do it all.  I asked for assistance and I turned it over to the universe/creator/spirit and the most amazing things happened all week.

The first thing that happened was people showed up just when they were to show up and nothing was missed.  There was never a point that things overlapped, it was just like the gentle movement of waves on the sea!  The plumber arrived at a perfect time, just when I asked for him, the cable man showed up just after an appointment left, I was questioning when I could get flowers for my garden and a friend called and we went to pick up all of the most beautiful plants and she planted them for me, and when I was leaving to pick up the plants I had a concern that the plumbers would return while I was out buying flowers and sure enough they did!  However, this is one of the most miraculous examples of synchronicity I have ever encountered.

Just as my friend and I were leaving to pick up the plants, we were driving down a remote country road and I looked up from the road and noticed my partner driving down the road towards town.  I assumed that he had forgotten something at home, which he had, and miraculously right behind him was the plumbers van heading for town.  Once again I asked for creators assistance to have them meet at the house so that the plumbing could be completed, and they did!  The plumbing is now done!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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