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A few years ago I was busy channelling a book and I had many questions that were coming to me at the end of the channelling. With all of these questions I was feeling insecure and frightened about the gift that arrived in my life as my thoughts moved to horses and my fear of horses.

I sensed that something was about to help me to find clarity within myself to continue with my writing, and just at that time my telephone rang and it was my friend Willow who called to invite me to meet her two newly acquired horses. “Lady and Sunny.” She invited us for dinner and in spite of my fear of horses, the meeting took place. When I met Lady and Sunny I became very aware of how unique each animal was. Lady was shy, frightened and withdrew when people approached her. Sunny was bright, friendly, and didn’t have any hesitation in being around people. As I watched Lady, I began to realize how similar I was to her for much of my life. Sunny took me too the place of freedom, youth and excitement. Amazing how I could see myself in these animals.

Later Willow went to an auction and bought another older horse Bess who was 22 years old. The owners of this horse knew that her days were numbered and it was as if Bess knew that she didn’t want to be where she was to live out the last days of her life. Willow was excited when she and Bess met, and Bess moved from where she was living to Willows home. When she got back to the property with her, Willow spent time riding, playing and having fun with the old girl.

One day as Willow was riding Bess, Bess fell over and died of a heart attack. Willow was safe even though Bess fell on her. It seemed that Bess knew that Willow would honor her life and offer her all of the respect that she deserved as Willow assisted her going through her last moments of living on earth!

The horses really helped me to understand many of the questions that I had, and allowed me to free myself from the insecurities I had around the chanelling that I was doing, and the fears that this brought out in me.

Today, because of Bess and her story, Lady and Sunny being a part of my life experiences,  I continue to channel, and know that my life is precious. I have learned to acknowledge my gift as a part of my freedom, shyness and although I am afraid many times, I continue to learn and grow doing what makes me happy and what is my passion!

Peace, love, light and Blessings and thank you to Willow (Raven) Bess, Lady and Sunny!

“White Eagle”

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