Over two weeks ago a small dog in our community disappeared!

There were posters up asking for anyone who knew the whereabouts of Sadie to please let the family know as she was sadly missed,she was an important part of their family.

The weather changed, it snowed, blew, and still no sign or word of Sadie.

At the same time there was also fear in the community because wolves had been spotted right in town.  Many of the people I talked with had just assumed that Sadie could have been carried off by the predators that had been seen.

Yesterday, I received a wonderful phone call from a very dear friend informing me that Sadie had been found by her family who were out on skidoo’s in the fresh snowfall.   They found Sadie stuck in a trap that had gone off.   One of her front paws had been caught, however, she was alive, they released the trap and brought her home.  She was very thin, hungry and wanting to get back to her home and family. I am grateful to hear this story for these reasons:

  • It is a miracle, and proves that miracles do exist
  • It proves to me that animals have a very strong will to live
  • I  believe that trapping animals for any reason is not O.K.
  • This confirms for me that anyone who does set traps should be checking them daily to ensure that there is not needless suffering of animals who do get caught in them.

It was a joyous reunion with Sadie and her family.

Welcome back home Sadie, and thank you for once again confirming my beliefs in what is and isn’t right in taking care of our 4 legged friends today!

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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