Today is the beginning of a new day and in the last two days everyone around me has been talking about the conscious and subconscious knowledge that everyone has!  I was thinking back to how I figured out what was up with all of this conscious and subconscious jargon years ago and remembering  that “I first had to ask the question and an answer would appear”!

When it came to me it arrived in a  backdoor kind of  fashion so I will share my story with you and maybe it will assist you in understanding  your conscious and subconscious consciously!

For many years I had struggled to figure out the reason that I just seemed to know things and when I needed to know them they just showed up!  I started to learn about past lives and put it down to I must have learned it in a past life, even though I had no idea what that was!

Then out of the blue a course came along and helped me to understand the conscious and unconscious and a whole new learning came forth to me.

Here is the lesson and based on How Adults Learn:

  • Conscious competence – means you know what you know, you are aware of it and you do it!
  • Unconscious competence – means that you do it, you are not aware of it, you just know it and you do it without conscious awareness!
  • Conscious incompetence – is finding out that you do not know what you don’t know, you become aware of  it and you  can now learn it and know it  to become consciously competent.
  • Unconscious incompetence – means that you don’t know, what you don’t know, so therefore you don’t need to know anything!

This lesson was a great turning point for me because I began to understand what on earth the conscious and subconscious  mind were all about.  The next step was understanding the Theory of the Mind and then putting all of this into my reality as it exists for me and this is what I came up with!

We are all conscious human beings knowing what we know, when we choose to know it!  In our  lifetime (before and beyond) we learn many things that are encased in our human being (Mind)!  We are each our own personal computer system.  All we need to do is push our buttons, trigger a memory or ask for assistance and if we have the information in our hard frame (body, mind, emotion or spirit) and it pops out for us!

This week is a week of talking about things to do to help us all increase our conscious awareness!  Being consciously aware is what life is all about!

Peace, love, light and blessings as we all begin to know what we know and learn what we don’t know, and decide what we choose to know as we become the wonderful human beings we are moment by precious moment!

“White Eagle”

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