Trust, Self Nurturing, Autonomy, and Intimacy

Trust starts early in life and is based on how we are received into the world. We learn to trust ourselves and begin to have a realistic trust of others. We begin to develop confidence in the self’s ability to choose others who are safe or who will not injure or exploit us.

Self Nurturing is born of trust. We learn how to be caretakers of ourselves. Self nurturing is an essential ingredient of self esteem.

Autonomy comes from mastery. We work through necessary dependencies to a growing independence. We find interdependence when we can separate ourselves from others around us and yet retain vital connections to others.

Identity Grows. We begin to know who we are and who we are becoming. In each stage of our life, self-esteem undergoes change and growth. We feel more solid as our identity grows.

Intimacy develops from identity and the need for connection. It is the ability to relate closely and to know the limits of closeness. We yearn to lose ourselves in love and yet we need to retain our own separate essence.

Healthy self esteem involves all of the above elements.

If we lose those characteristics or never develop them, there is a significant absence of self esteem. Low self esteem affects our body, mind, emotions and spirit. The creation of these characteristics takes understanding what they are and working on them.

Peace, love, light and blessings!
“White Eagle”

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