The Forgotten Valley I am the Hawk, who sails the heat currents, above the valley. I circle, dive, soaring up through the mists as far as my eyes can see. Men will seldom enter this valley, it is dense, as it is beautiful. The melted snow from the mountains above, keep the waterfalls flowing & full. The valley below me, is bountiful, and in all aspects you find balance. The valley mists, leave a fine layer of moisture, on me, with soothing silence. In the memories of my genetic matrix, I recognize the Great Garden of Eden. Our Creator has designed this great valley, as a sweet reminder, and haven. This reminder, is simple, and its example, is obvious to one and to all. The Forgotten Valley, is what remains, of the once great earth …. that God The Creator, gave to us all. (Hal Brower 06/21/2011)

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