~As you open your door to this day…. remember… you deserve all the riches of this world!

You deserve all the glory that the Heavenly world has to give to you.Open your day to this day..walk through it knowing, you are doing the best you can, with the tools you have with the lessons you were taught. Forgive yourself for any unnecessary judgement towards yourself.

  • You were only taught what you were taught.
  • You only did what you thought was right. as your door opens to this day..this NEW day…
  • begin it with a smile,
  • greet it with open arms, run with it, bask in it its glory….
  • Know that today is the day, you are going to start living..for the first day, in your entire life… this is YOUR NEW DAY… Your day, of becoming one… forgiving yourself forgiving others.
  • Start growing today. Today is your day. Your day, to change what it is you wish to change, let go of those who bring you down, make you sad, give you unwanted negative energy.

Open this door to your brand new begining… walk through it, and look straight ahead, remember where you came from for it made you..who you are today…. but then let it go……and walk through the door that is opened for you!!!

Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer♥

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