When true compassion exists there is never a question about it.  Each human being was born with the capacity to have true compassion for all that is a part of creation and mother earth.  It is about honoring the journey of others through life, by first honoring your own journey through life.

Looking at another human being and being able to feel what they feel, sense what they sense and truly understand what they need to have understood, not from a personally biased point of view, but from their own unique place of learning will put it all back together.

It is in innocence that compassion is born.  As a small child you are compassionate and this compassion every parent has seen in the eyes of their newborn child.  Some misread the compassion the child feels for its parent and surroundings as helplessness, however, these wonderful new beings, are exactly that.  They come into the world innocent, pure and full of compassion for all that is around them.  They learn very quickly to replace the compassion with helplessness because that is what it is that they are taught.  The love and special feelings flowing between a parent and a child can be observed, however, there has been guidance given to the human being, which reinforces the helplessness predominant in the world today.

Have you seen a child look into the eyes of their parent who is having difficulty, and observed the pureness of spirit and love, that flows outward from the child to the parent?  Have you observed what happens when the child does this and the parent is unwilling or unable to see this compassion because they are so crowded by thought existing outside of themself?  What is it that the child learns from this message, which is being given to them?  Compassion is not to be!  I have made a mistake!  In order to be accepted I must not have this compassion, it is wrong, unhealthy and not to be shared!  They will hold that compassion on the inside, until it is eventually pushed so far down inside of themselves that it becomes something foreign, unwanted, and something which is not to be acknowledged.  It becomes danger territory because compassion given and not understood, can be hurtful and can create responses which were not supposed to be.

You can learn much from the innocents who come into the world, they are not helpless, they are pure, understand life in it’s simplest form, and are unconditionally compassionate and care for all who are around them.  They simply have learned no different than what they know.

We have progressed to a point in life where we have forgotten and misplaced this natural sense, which was our gift to the earth, and replaced it with all of the outside values, which came to us through misunderstood brain training.  It is now time to retrieve this wonderful and soft sense, which is still alive in all of you when you allow it to be.  The means to accomplish having compassion alive in our lives today, is simply to acknowledge that it exists and give of it freely and in return it will come back to you.  As you change, compassion will once again be the most important sense that will bring the earth back to the focus, which it was meant to be.  The earth is here to support you, to provide for you and to nourish all that is needed for your life as a human being in this world today. You only know what it is that you know.  It is this that will provide for us at this time, because each human being has knowing that has been pushed outside of them, it is retrievable.

Respect you, uncover your compassion, and you will change and become who it is that you are, not being what someone else wants you to be.

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”


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