I spent many years of my life moving through the Peace and Love era of the Hippie Movement.  During that time I certainly learned a whole lot about what world peace would mean to our wonderful Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants.  It sure amazes me when I look back on those times and then observe all that I have gone through to break away from my beliefs and values, get into my head and move into Society fully indoctrinated into  war, competition, money, stress, strife and lack of peace,  all of  the things that were so important not to have back then.

Today I choose to move forward with new understanding and the reminder that was provided to me through my Channel about two years ago!  Here it is and I hope that this will be helpful to you today.   I know it certainly helped me to get out of my head, into my heart, focus and move forward in this moment today!


Today on earth plane every precious human is striving for peace in their world, the difficulty for all who are striving for peace is the lack of understanding from where it comes from. Peace dear ones is you from the core of your inner being. When you have peace within you, projecting this peace to all that exist outside of you, you will have found you.

On Earth plane peace of mind, is peace of being. When you access your mind and link with your inner knowing and inner being you are peace. This peace will then go out into your world in the form of energy flow to all living creatures and the result will be Peace and Well Being for all who inhabit the planet.

Today I am grateful for Mother Earth and all that is a part of her!

Peace, love, light and blessings, we are all related, we are all one!

“White Eagle”


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