Each morning when you awake may you greet the sun and give thanks… for your breath… for who You are and for the precious gift of life… May you practice gratitude in all you do and make it part of who you are…. it will help you remember who you are…. why you are here and how you can be of service to a world that is in need of love, kindness and compassion…. It will help you see the world through the eyes of your heart instead of your mind, focusing on the sacredness of your being, on the things and people you have instead of what is lacking…. And this will bring you a great sense of peace and joy…
Gratitude leads us to love, peace and acceptance in many ways… If we can find the courage within ourselves to open our hearts to being grateful for ALL of that life sends our way, we can learn to embrace our WHOLE being… the light and shadow sides of who we are… because one cannot exist without the other… and if we can learn to not only be grateful but to embrace both sides and lessons learned and earned through each, that is when the magic happens…. That is when our inner light shines its brightest….It is often in our darkest and most humbling moments, that we are touched by Spirit…
In every trial, there is a treasure… and gratitude is the key to finding it… it leads us down a path of wisdom and discovery…. It is these moments that teach us the beauty and wisdom of kindness, compassion and humility… May you find comfort in knowing that often one`s calling in life comes to our attention as a crisis… it shakes you up… transforms every part of your being, the beliefs you hold and the way you see and walk in the world… This is the way the universe gets our attention… and this, my girl… is where the journey of a wounded healer begins…
When your mind feels like your physical world is falling apart…. May you remember that this is when your heart is opening to the spiritual world of beauty that you were meant to live…. Take a breath… smudge and give thanks… Feel your way through the fear and release it, trust and follow your inner light and you will find your way to love…. you will find your way home… as will each and every other gentle soul journeying with you…. You are loved… You are precious… You do not walk alone….
For these words I humbly give thanks to our Ancestors, my spirit helpers, elders, teachers, spiritual family, my nikawi and kokum…. Mitakuye Oyasin (All My Relations) Hiy Hiy (Redberry)


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