I believe that we choose, long before we were born, the group of people who will become our family; that we choose each other to learn the lessons that are important for each of us in this lifetime.
While my heart has known this for many winters only recently has my mind been able to follow its wisdom… and some days I still have a hard time with it, believing this is what I have chosen, but I have come to trust in this knowing and for this reason, I have learned to love and work with what I was given.
Whispers in my heart often remind me to learn from the challenges I created for myself, rather than denying them, covering them up or pretending they don’t exist…
So much of what I have been given was necessary in becoming who I am today. In this lifetime, I have learned much about compassion, humility, and courage… On my journey, I have had to learn a great deal about forgiveness… which I now know is ultimately about love, for others and one’s self…
Love led me to remembering that each and every one of us in our family was doing the best we could at the time. Love led me to seeing the good things my family taught me and the positive things each one contributed to my life. Love led me to understanding that sometimes loving someone means saying No and Letting them Go.. Love led me to knowing that if I am aware, I am learning all the time, from what works well and even more from what doesn`t. I grow from achieving my goals and I soar when I conquer life`s challenges…
Sometimes it takes a painful situation to make us change our ways… It took me many winters to learn that people will treat you the way you allow them to treat you. I believe that sometimes people are put in our lives to test us until we stand up and say enough is enough… I am worth more than you can offer… this lesson has indeed been an important one for me and I couldn’t have learned it so well… without the family I chose for me. With a humble heart and a grateful spirit, for this knowledge I give thanks to all of my life teachers, the Ancestors, spirit guides, and my spiritual family… Mitakuye Oyasin (All My Relations) – Hiy Hiy – Redberry

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