As I move forward through my life I recognize that I am getting older, and one of the ways I know that I am getting older is my changing  memory….

  • When I was a child I remembered everything, even those things I did not know that I knew from this lifetime and other lifetimes,
  • As I moved from childhood to being a teenager, memory became something of convenience, only remembering those things that I wished to remember in the moment, usually for my own advantage….
  • As I became an adult I had to remember everything for everyone including myself, my partner, my children, my job, my parents, my pets and and my world.
  • Now that I am becoming an elder, I no longer have to remember anything for anyone other than myself and it is amazing how lists have now become my new way of life.
  • When I pass on from this life to the next, everything that may be said about me will be “In Memory”

What I am learning from all of this is that memory has been a wonderful training ground for living in the moment, and if I need to remember anything beyond this moment today I need to make a list, until I no longer need to have a list as I look down upon all that is.

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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