There are certainly times in my life that I struggle with all of the systems that exist in this world of ours today.

The weather systems, financial systems, personal systems, computer systems, accounting systems, medical systems, political systems and the list of systems seems to go onto infinity and back again…..

How do we all manage to deal with all of  these systems?

I know that I tend to have to MANAGE the systems and make mistake, after mistake, after mistake, until I learn the system, or at least know how to MANIPULATE  it in order to make it work for me……Usually when I make this comment out loud people around me stare at me as if I have spoken about some kind of sin!

Every system I have ever encountered needs to be manipulated at some time to make it fit for the uniqueness of me and my needs.

How about you, do you have to manipulate systems to make them work and which systems are OK to manipulate and which systems are not OK for you personally.

Living in the moment and the uniqueness of of every human being, sure leaves this as a question that is wide open for discussion, while we continue to manipulate and work hard to have these systems work for us!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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