The biggest mountains is made up of tiny grains of
sand and earth. The swiftest, widest river is only
tiny drops of water. And in the swell of the human
race, you are just as important as the next person. It
helps to know that one little drop of water is as
complete in itself as the whole river or the entire
sea. Even in the smallest way, a person is just as
complete and miraculous as any smart invention on
earth. It is only by words and actions that
circumstances differ and lives take different routes.
Each tiny part of anything is infinitely important.
Each petal on a daisy is necessary to give it balance
to stand straight on its stem. Never say you are not
important. You are not just important, you are
essential. You have a definite purpose and it is a
sacred responsibility.
We have reason to glory in the achievements of our
O NO’SA — with Natalie Isaacs and 10 others.

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