Being alone in a place that I love showed me what a wonderful experience it is to nurture myself and be proud of who I am. I can be alone and be okay. My family and friends have proved to myself that being alone is also being surrounded by love.

It is never possible to be completely alone in our surroundings as the space can be an adventure of self discovery; all the elements, the Earth and the people still there to meet.
The people around us that we have not yet communicated with are what make our daily journey possible. We are all connected, and yet nothing really connects us at all; at least in many of our day-to-day interactions. I discovered I do not need to be surrounded by those I love and care about to know their spirit is embracing me.

A simple caring thought of fragrance and beauty has crossed a province and over the mountains has enlightened my senses and has proven to also enlighten the senses of those around me. Our world truly is a small, grand wonder. A caring gesture has now affected many people that have been touched by the fragrance, beauty and thoughtfulness. It’s important to remember that our footprints are carried far beyond where our legs and body take us.

The strength I’ve received from the mountains is a similar strength I’ve discovered from myself. To share this experience through these words is drawing my family and friends around me, at this moment. I’m not a warrior at this time, I am a part of my surrounding, this sensation of simply being alive. There is so much to celebrate in just going with the flow of all that embraces us.

We strive, sometimes too hard, to stand out with individuality and acceptance when we shine so brightly by being a part of the stories of others, and sharing our chronicle with others. A story can never be singular, as there are so many contributing factors to it that go beyond our personal walk. Every occurrence of our existence is a contribution of another existence.

I wish I could stress this clearly and with love to those that feel they are alone in this walk. You are connected through senses mindful thoughts, spiritual awakenings and physical capabilities to the generations now and the generations that walked before you.

We tend to forget; maybe we are aware yet, that our existence is not self-serving. Consciously or not, we reach out to all, and write a line or two (or for some, a whole chapter) in each other’s story. The ground you walk was developed by another; your simple daily existence is a collaboration of all our journeys, our interests, our purposes, our fears and our silent daydreams. We also walk the ground you lay down for us.

Dream big – this is what our ancestors have shared with us. Creations are developed from those dreams. When you feel alone, tap into memories, spoken words of love and the feelings of comfort. Those moments were shared just for you.

As discovered in a sweat lodge, we are all meant to cleanse ourselves in the security of the womb. Be conscious of your senses again. There was a time in your story where you felt for the first time, you had the ability to smell your surroundings and hear the sounds around you for the first time. You discovered your body and had the ability to see what made up your existence, for the first time. And if any of these senses were not accessible to you, another sense made up for it. There was a time when you had your first discovery that you had abilities to enhance your living experience. These sensual experiences were discovered in the womb and carried through to all your developments. To this day, you are still in initial discovering. A moment of silence or feelings of loneliness, happiness and reflection can bring us back to our primal discoveries of our wondrous existence and in turn, awakens the community around us, once again.

There is much to learn when we stir within us, the sharing of experiences of all beings on this Earth; this is also not limited to humans. Slow your life down to explore the life forms that share our existence – your neighbourhood, the plants, birds, animals, mammals, insects, and all the way down to micro-organisms. There is never a sense of aloneness; it is the human ego that has created the definition that being alone is a separation from all that really is sharing this space with us. We all need moments of being alone to awaken our senses once again; the senses that connect us to our surroundings, our family, friends and communities.

Speaks with Wings “Theresa”


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