A Psychic’s Message for today..


We are in a world/whirl wind of emotions……………….time to ground , remember who you are within your I am ..

Creator God is not about fear , we are about ever lasting life , unconditional love ..
fear weakens our immune system‘s.. and takes us away from our divine center.. now is the time to ground yourself .. connecting to your higher self.. in the way that you no how..
breathing is also a wonderful way to ground, breathing in a beautiful pink light in your heart..
The outside media right now , there main goal is to keep people in fear so that you will slow down your process of healing.. it is now in this time that we need to be in gratitude, to be great full for everything.. we are right now in divine timing.. Gods.. by not giving our power to such fear , we maintain our power through a higher dimension.. the Holy Spirit.. this changes the fear to love , which heals all sicknesses , viruses , we change the vibration.. as a collective , smudging , taking our herbs , medicines that we have been taught to use .. chaga , colloidal silver , being aware of who you are from your inner self .. from your heart.. this is the time to come from your heart centre in all things .. while praying, allow the fine Holy Spirit to clear any fears , , holding onto gratitude , and ever lasting life as we are children of Gods .. knowing that we are divinely protected in Creators wonderful divine Holy Spirit.. amen.. an so it shall be , blessings all

Shared by “Willow Raven Sage”

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