Who do you ask to forgive you?

May be an image of bird and nature
′′ Our Father, who is in the flowers, in the corner of the birds, in the heart throbbing; who is in compassion, in charity, in patience and in the gesture of forgiveness.
Our Father, who is in me, who is in the one I love, in the one who hurts me, in the one who seeks the truth.
Hallowed be Thy name for all that is beautiful, good, fair and gracious.
Thy kingdom come of peace and justice, faith and charity, light and love.
Thy will be done, even though my rogatives appreciate my pride more than my real needs.
Forgive my trespasses, my mistakes, my shortcomings. Forgive when it becomes cold my heart.
Forgive me, just as I can forgive those who trespass against me, even when my heart is hurt.
Don’t let me fall into the temptations of mistakes, addictions and selfishness.
And deliver me from all evil, from all violence, from all misfortune, from all illness. Free me from all pain, all sorrow and all disillusionment.
But still, when such difficulties are necessary, may I have the strength and courage to say: Thank you Father for this lesson more!”
So be it!
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