In Loving Memory – Farewell White Eagle / Lois

On November 27, 2021 at 8:40am, White Eagle / Lois spread her wings and passed over to the other side. Leaving behind a legacy of service and very much appreciated support for many who’s life’s she touched over the years. We all will miss her, but you might find comfort in the thought that White Eagle will continue her work from another realm in her own special way.

With her inspirational posts in her blog, she reached about 10.000 people each month. Feedback from so many who followed her blog shows, how much they benefitted from it, felt uplifted and/or inspired on their life journey in many different ways.
Therefore, we keep her Blog/website and her FB page up and running for a while to give you all the opportunity to revisit her posts from the past if you so desire.
Maybe you feel drawn to share the goodness with others like White Eagle did and continue her legacy to contribute to spreading more LOVE & LIGHT into the world.

Blessed Be – All-ways. RIP

2 thoughts on “In Loving Memory – Farewell White Eagle / Lois

  1. White Eagle , May you be enjoying all the love and light that you do graciously deserve. My soul will miss your wonderful and inspirational website, it brought me comfort, laughter and joy..
    Rory Winton

  2. Lois, White Eagle, friend; the day you crossed over I had thought of you and your Life Skills Coaching course. I guess on part of me knew how you spread your wings and flew north.

    Loved how real, down to earth and helpful you were. A good, kind, loving person. You will be fondly remembered. Kalika Moody

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