A Psychic’s message for today!

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I’m up early this morning, some more beautiful messages coming in from spirit.. it’s very important to respect our elders, to live and cherish our families, taking care to care for our bodies .. listening to the messages of spirit and our old elders for the medicines to take.. this will all come through for us.. when we listen with our hearts ..
Singing dancing , drumming, guitar playing.. music , lots of music , and joy in our hearts … healing Mother Earth , healing our hearts every day.. coming together in love , wrapping our homes in a powerful energy of prayers, the earth is healing, as below so above.. our souls , our wounds, our shadow parts are healing.. this is how we bring forth light onto our hearts onto the earth , the mother 5 th dimensional Gaia .. love light and blessing in the divine Holy Spirit ..Jesus Christ , Starseeds Pleiadians , all of the beings of light that are here to assist us now.. amen , amen amen , so it is

A Psychic’s Message for today..


We are in a world/whirl wind of emotions……………….time to ground , remember who you are within your I am ..

Creator God is not about fear , we are about ever lasting life , unconditional love ..
fear weakens our immune system‘s.. and takes us away from our divine center.. now is the time to ground yourself .. connecting to your higher self.. in the way that you no how..
breathing is also a wonderful way to ground, breathing in a beautiful pink light in your heart..
The outside media right now , there main goal is to keep people in fear so that you will slow down your process of healing.. it is now in this time that we need to be in gratitude, to be great full for everything.. we are right now in divine timing.. Gods.. by not giving our power to such fear , we maintain our power through a higher dimension.. the Holy Spirit.. this changes the fear to love , which heals all sicknesses , viruses , we change the vibration.. as a collective , smudging , taking our herbs , medicines that we have been taught to use .. chaga , colloidal silver , being aware of who you are from your inner self .. from your heart.. this is the time to come from your heart centre in all things .. while praying, allow the fine Holy Spirit to clear any fears , , holding onto gratitude , and ever lasting life as we are children of Gods .. knowing that we are divinely protected in Creators wonderful divine Holy Spirit.. amen.. an so it shall be , blessings all

Shared by “Willow Raven Sage”

What are you creating in your truth?

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Create your awesomeness, be in your truth …
Love who you are , shine your light for others to see or not .
Embrace this moment with respect honour , love for all little children , animals …

Help the elders … Giving love and care … And know that you can only change yourself … One day at a time … Blessings all

Shared by “Willow”


What are your strengths?


I would like to share a message .. About holding on to what I felt were my strengths to the end..
Not letting go and allowing spirit…( God ) … Ego based… Way of living my life … Hiding behind every form of defence mechanism that exists … Very painful journey …
This is what many of us are taught … It’s old school , some of old school is valuable … Most of it is Ego based … To me ends in death… When we crash spiritualy. Some of us start to live for the first time in our lives … Crises can be a blessing to us all .if we get it …finding out that my strengths were actually defence mechanism that kept me from being my true self is amazing self discovery… A ton of toxic energy lifted from my shoulders .. The old program… No longer worked for me (Ego) in return , I received a lot less work maintaining my Ego self on this earth and became my authentic self .. I have days where I will step back into Ego , I feel the feeling .. And go to my heart .. Remember the saying , don’t cry , be a man , this very statement did a lot of damage to many sensitive souls out there… Feelings, are our most amazing gifts in life , they tell us everything we need to know about ourselves … Crying is healing energy that cleanses our souls …
Letting go of the old message we received as children , is not blaming anyone .. Just letting go and allowing you authentic self to step in .. Self em powerment

Blessings to you all..

Willow Raven-sage

Peace, love, light and blessings
Shared by “White Eagle” 

What do trees say to you?


Trees are the most beautiful grounding energies … Trees are magic, they are spiritual… They laugh and they cry .
When I lean against a tree , I hear and feel a beautiful voice saying , it’s O.K. I am your strength , I am grounding you to mother/ father earth….
When I hear and feel the leaves whispering in the wind , I know I am part of a very beautiful creation … Thank you most beautiful forest of trees…when I kiss under the lovers tree .. I know that magic lives within my soul … I pray that these trees can be apart of my life as I give to them and them to me..


~Willow Raven-sage~
Peace, love, light and blessings
Shared by “White Eagle”

What heals your soul?


How can we I love so much , when there is so much pain and sorrow … Darkness…
Love turns darkness , to light… Love forgives all trespasses .. This is what heals your soul .
I learned a long time ago to forgive , for if I did not , I would be dead .
In my spirit and possibly physically…. I believe that one of our greatest gifts are the people we did not get along with … The people that were our greatest pain in life … I believe this only if we forgive … This takes you to an understanding and compassion for all man kind that needs to be here existing on this earth .. Unconditional love ..
Does this mean , put your head on the chopping block for more ,… No, this means learn , forgive and let go … The lesson will no longer be yours.. If the lesson comes again .. Ask .. What do I need to learn here … To let go … This learning is about you… Choice … Love is our greatest gift… Love will make a bridge .. Choice… Here and now is where you grow in spirit .. No longer holding onto low vibration… Here is where you manifest your beauty your truth . Forgiving your self as you want others to forgive you… Who am I if I’m not my truth my inner voice of wisdom .. My pain is now my joy as I choose to live in divine abundance for today ..
Thank you God for this unconditional love light beauty and joy …
And so it shall be… Blessings to you all today..

~Willow Raven Sage~

Shared by “White Eagle”

What happens when you don’t speak your truths?


When we don’t speak our truths … The little lump that is in our throat creates an illness somewhere in our body ..
Each person has their own area of sickness .. Cancer is a Stuffing. your feelings disease as are other illnesses…
As you learn to get past the fear of feeling your feelings , being honest with them … And then honest to others your soul finds freedom.. Remembering being popular .. The shining star of the class isn’t where it’s at … Truth in your heart is your God given life source … Life force… Without your truth you cannot meet another’s truth ..
Your vibration is lowered and illness steps in … In many case scenarios this is many life time issues that we are dealing with… Any thing can be healed .. If we choose to …. Starting off with our beautiful truth to ourselves , then others.blessings to you all today .. Lots of support hugs to you all ..

~Willow Raven-sage~

Peace, love, light and blessings
Shared by “White Eagle”