What are you doing for Christmas Eve Day?

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The morning started out in a great way, Gary and I were sitting sharing about our childhood Christmas’s, going through our wish lists from the Sear’s Christmas catalogues as we are waiting for Santa to arrive and bring us our precious gifts. 

We have always been  in touch with the real reason for Christmas and Santa was  just a side benefit of the gift of sharing that was so important. 

How this has changed over the years is amazing.!

No more Sear’s, No more Christmas Catalogues, however, Santa is still real and alive in the minds, and hearts of everyone.  

Giving and sharing is still such a valuable lesson for us all, at all ages!


I am consciously aware of the meaning of Christmas, knowing that the love that extends from me to everyone I encounter on this special day and everyday is what my life this Christmas is all about! 

We are all our own catalogues now.

Good Morning

What do you want our of your own catalogue this year?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”