What is the greatest gift you can have?

The present moment is the greatest gift you can have.  It is perfectly created for you according to your stated designs.  You state these designs by the thoughts, states of being, words, actions that you held most true to yourself earlier.  The present is something that you send yourself, a perfectly

pre-sent moment!

~David Cameron Gikandi~

Shared by “Gary”


What you are is perfect imperfection!

Realize that on earth there can be only relative perfection.

Realize too that you do not need to be perfect to be loved.

Love each other in your imperfections tenderly and completely.

Be gentle with yourselves.

The demand for perfection on the physical plane can be your worst enemy.

To insist on perfection precludes growth.

To accept imperfection as part of your humanness is to grow.


Channeled by “Pat Rodegast”

Shared by “Gary”