What have you learned about living?

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I counted my years and found out that I will have less time to live from now on than I have lived so far.
I have much more past than future.
I feel like that little boy who got a cherry basin.
The first ones, he sucked displicent, but realizing there are few left, he grinds the lump.
I no longer have time to deal with mediocrities. I don’t want to be in meetings where inflamed egos parade. Restless with envious trying to destroy who they admire by coveting their places, talents and luck.
I no longer have time for endless conversations, to discuss useless subjects about other people’s lives that aren’t even part of mine. I no longer have time to administer people’s feelings, despite their chronological age, are immature. People don’t debate content, just labels. My time has become scarce to debate labels, I want the essence, my soul is in a rush…
Without many cherries in the basin, I want to live next to very human beings; who know how to laugh at their stumbles, don’t delight in triumphs, don’t consider herself elected before the hour, don’t escape their mortality. Walk around real things and people.
The essentials make life worthwhile.
And for me, enough is enough!
– Ricardo Gondim
Note: Adaptation of the text ′′ Time Escape!” whose authorship has been erroneously attributed to Rubem Alves and Mario de Andrade.
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