If we don’t take care of ourselves, there isn’t enough left over to share with others!

Think of it like a pitcher.  A pitcher needs to be refilled. If it doesn’t get refilled regularly, there is nothing left to offer. Make sure you take time to fill your pitcher, then pour away and share the best of you! ..from the (Big book of YOU)

Shared by “Red Feather”


Love is unspoken….it is the action put into the word that puts it in motion!

Showing others you have a heart to be there for them when they are in need of support and a shoulder to lean on..speaks louder than the words I love you..We can all talk the talk but walking the talk is living your truth for yourself and others…♥


“Red Feather”


I’d watch from afar & felt confused.
Why can’t I be there, taking part?
I knew I belonged, I felt the Ancestors long ago.
I loved watching the children, in their costumes so bright
The dancing they would do, was an amazing sight!
The drums, the drums, Oh how my heart would skip a beat,
as the pounding noise was awakening my soul, it felt so neat!
The Elders I have wished to meet,
Oh teach, Oh teach me, wise ones
I will sit quiet and wait!
I’m an empty vessel, oh please fill me till I weep
for the gifts, I will hold so dear to my heart
to have the knowledge, then I will feel I can do my part.
Now I know I’m where I need to be, for I hear Spirit speak,
“Red Feather you are one of us, you were all along!”

“Red Feather”


Brother Wolf calls out to us All
“Hear the winds whisper in your ear asking you, to let your Voice be heard.”
From deep within the messages do come, you are the Voice of the
Animal Spirits, Our Guides, for Our Ancestors have much to teach
Stand strong in your place, for much is to change
Mind, Body & Soul in balance is the key to Great Harmony
You will Lead others to the light, some will follow, some will stray
Believe what I say, for this as always been the way
The chosen Pathfinders are brave, strong & Leaders of the heart, they found the Path that accepts All, this Path leads to light, love & peacefulness that we all have been seeking since the begining of our time
We are All as One, let’s Stand Together in the Light
and bring Great Peace upon Our Lands!

Red Feather