How calm will your day be?

Good Morning

What a nice day today.  The birds are out chirping, some are beginning to take flight for the south and there is a calmness in the air today that has not been here for a long time.


I will enjoy a calm day, visiting, working and taking care of myself by being in the moment and enjoying what I am doing without worry and stress.

Good Morning,

How calm will your day be?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”



Whose path will you brighten today?

Good Morning

A wonderful day today to be smiling and to let my light shine!

The weather is great, the birds are busy singing and taking care of their nests and families all around me. 


I will be consciously aware of everything thing around me as I go through my day remembering to smile and spread my light to all that I encounter!

Good Morning

How will you share your light with others today?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”


In this moment my mind is blank.  Instead of accepting and enjoying my mind being still and empty, old tapes begin to play and I attempt to create something to busy my mind when there is nothing there.

Today I will be consciously aware of being still and revel in the beauty and wonder of my still mind!

Stillness, peace, love, light and blessings to us all on this quiet day of conscious awareness!

“White Eagle”


Education and knowledge by themselves do not bring inner peace to individuals, families or the society in which they live. But education combined with warmheartedness, a sense of concern for the well-being of others, has much more positive results. If you have a great deal of knowledge, but you’re governed by negative emotions, then you tend to use your knowledge in negative ways. Therefore, while you are learning, don’t forget the importance of warmheartedness.

“Dalai Lama”

Shared by “White Eagle”


When I was a child I was taught well what is socially acceptable in this world and what is not!

My mother was a real stickler for getting it right and being a good Mom, so one of the first things that I learned in life was to be agreeable.

I remember my lessons on YES and NO as clearly as if  it was today. The word NO was simply not acceptable in the world!  So when I was asked to do something that I really did not want to do,  inside of me a little voice would pop into my thoughts and I would say NO but outside I would go ahead and do, just because I was not supposed to say NO.  Then when I became a teenager I really didn’t care about the words YES and NO so I learned to get my own way by saying YES and not doing it.  The benefit to this was I sure got a whole lot of attention when I didn’t do it and the whole campaign to say NO to drugs, seemed very rude to me, but that is another whole story to get into later!

This brings me to today, where when I say NO, people just seem to push me once I have said it, until I finally break down and do it.  This creates a whole lot of havoc in my life with:

  • Myself
  • My Family,
  • My Friends,
  • People I Work with,
  • People In the Community
  • My Pets and
  • All of my leisure activities!

A few years ago a very wise mentor of mine took me aside when I had agreed to do something and never followed through with accomplishing what I said I would do and asked me if my YES always mean’t NO.  This sure stopped me in my tracks as I started to laugh and said YES, then he asked me if my NO always mean’t YES, and a whole new world of understanding opened up for me.  My messages had sure gotten mixed up because of my early programming in life and not being able to say and mean what I said because of the social conditioning in my young life.

So what did I do with all of this learning?

I became aware of my behaviors and patterns when using the words YES and NO, I observed how other people in my life treated me when I used the words YES and NO, and I learned how to make my NO mean NO and my YES mean YES.

Here it is:

When someone asks me to do something I chose not to do I become socially correct and use the word YES!  I simply say:

  • YES, I WOULD LOVE TO, BUT I CAN’T!  It sure is amazing what people do when I say this, they back off and do not ask me anymore or,

When I know the word NO is necessary for the other person to hear  I become assertive and say

  • NO !  NO WAY, ABSOLUTELY NOT! and once again the person will back away knowing that I mean what I say!

If you realize that your NO means YES and your YES means NO, these two little tips may help!

Enjoy your Day or Not!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”


One day as I was walking down the street discussing a course that I was taking and how I learn many of my life lessons with one of my mentors, I unknowingly said: “It all depends on Brain Training”! He stopped, looked at me and said: “What did you say”? I replied
“it all depends on your own personal brain training”! We very quickly got into an excited conversation about brain training, however, I had no idea how important this phrase would become to me and others that I have known over the years. I checked with the channel within and the following definition miraculously appeared:

All of the precious human beings who are on earth today undergo many forms of brain training that is meant only for the good of the human being. Unfortunately, in many cases brain training creates many of the maladies that exist on earth today. Every brain is unique, as it is a part of the uniqueness of each human being. Every human being has a gift, the ability to sort information provided from the outside of oneself. When the mind, the body and the brain are not connected and working in synchronicity, problems encountered may not be resolvable. When you shift your perspective, move to another vantage point (the inside, the heart, the inner senses, inner being or spirit) to observe all that is, brain training can be a great asset to assist in sorting out who you are and what your life purpose is in this moment. Brain training is not negative, it becomes negative when the mind, the body, emotion and spirit are not on the same channel as the brain. You are the connector; when you are only focused from the outside in and not aware of what is happening from the inside out, brain training takes over. Your journey through life needs to be one of wholeness; the human being is now learning to access the whole Human Being, not just the brain. Over development and overuse of the brain has resulted in the body and the mind not being connected. Many humans have become over brain trained in order to become accepted as a part of their society on earth. You have become your brain and this is the greatest myth existing today. You are not your brain, when you are connected with your mind, body, emotion and spirit your brain will support you and provide you with the guidance necessary for you to become your own unique human being. You will be your own conscious being flowing from the inside out.

“White Eagle”