21 things you may not know about the Indian Act.

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21 Things you may not know about the Indian Act:
1. Denied women Status
2. Introduced Residential Schools
3. Created reserves
4. Renamed individuals with European names
5. Restricted First Nations from leaving Reserves
6. Enforced enfranchisement of any First Nation in University
7. Could expropriate portions of reserves
8. Could lease uncultivated land
9. Could not form political organizations
10. Prohibited First Nations from soliciting for legal claims
11. Prohibited sale of alcohol
12. Prohibited sale of guns and ammo
13. Prohibited access to pool halls
14. Imposed the “Band Council” system
15. Could not use native language
16. Could not practice traditional religion
17. Wearing cultural clothing prohibited
18. Made cultural ceremonies illegal
19. Denied voting rights
20. Created a permit system
21. Created under British rule for the purpose of subjugating Aboriginal people

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