We are all one!

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We are one with the earth, as well as each other
We stand to protect her, as she is our mother
With an infinite love for the future generations
We stand United, all races, all nations
We stand against war, we stand against greed
We sit idle no more, our spirits have been freed
A new age is upon us, this much I have seen
As we wind down the hours of 2016
I pray for your awakening, I pray for your answers
I pray for all creation, the singers, the dancers
I pray for the lands, I pray for the waters
I pray for your son’s, I pray for your daughters
I pray for the end of the venomous black snake
I pray in 2017 en mass we awake.
Mitakuye Oyasin
Chance Robbestad.

Shared by “Kalika”