What are you embracing now?

I am embracing today .. its beauty , it’s challenge .. it’s zest , it’s humility .. as I create this moment the day I’m in ., one day at a time …
I’m sending love and light to you all .. wishing your dreams to come forth .. your health to be well .. your hearts to be open to divine .. many blessings to you all..

Shared by “Willow Raven Sage”

What beauty will you find in your life today?

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The sun is shining, now I’m just sitting back waiting for the snow to melt and the sunflowers to grow. 


I will create a good day by staying in the moment and seeing the beauty that surrounds me and is a part of my life.

Good Morning

What beauty will you find in your life today?

Peace, love, life and blessings

“White Eagle”

What beauty has been a part of your day today?

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Today has been an awesome day full of beauty!  

I am thankful for every part of this day. 

Gary is feeling better, coming back closer to home,  beautiful people, experiences and things have been around me all day.


I am tired, thankful, and ready to sleep!

I will sleep well.

Good night

What beauty is around you tonight?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”