~The path you take today, determines your lifes outcomes~!

We choose our paths, before we even come into this world. We choose to learn certain lessons in life…this life. Some can be very hard, difficult or sad.  We choose…we choose to live they way we do. In this life time, we are here to create what is coming next. We can create anything we so wish, we can change anything we so wish. We need not live the way we had determined to live, in our past, before we came to this earth plane….we can change the financial outcome, we can change our way of living, the homes we live in, the friends, even the family. We are here to learn ,to let go of those that are of no service to us. Today, choose to live your dream life, today choose to live a life of peace, serenity,and love …..or whatever you wish

Walk the path, YOU CHOOSE TO WALK!!!…..
Much Love to you all..♥
Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer♥