Who do you blame in life?

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Tineke Reuvers Als het moeilijk is kijk wat je hierdoor mag leren.See Translation


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Nicely done, Mr. Hanks!


Well Isint that a nice turn out

This is crazy!! A woman from Camrose lost her wedding ring in the family garden back in 2004. This week her daughter-in-law dug up a carrot and found the ring!!

~ Rachel Day



Track hate groups in your area and be prepared to support and defend minority groups that may come under attack as a result of the 45 administration’s dangerous rhetoric and behavior ~


Also please consider donating to the SPLC. They are doing some of the most difficult and dangerous work behind the scenes, to accurately identify all these hate groups. Thank you, SPLC, for your long decades of service to our country and to the cause of peace and justice.

917 Hate Groups are currently operating in the US. Track them below with our Hate Map.
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‘My cockatoo thinks he’s a dog’ ??



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