What can you do in difficult circumstances?

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The I Ching.
(the brightness within)

Giving in to weakness or feelings of despair
at making no progress dims the brightness within.

Now is a time for detachment and perseverance
at maintaining an inner truth.

Things progress slowly but the progress they do,
so have faith in the creative power of the universe.


Shared by “George”

How brightly is your light shining today?



“Only by its own roots does a tree stand tall and only by its own light does the sun shine brightly and bring life to our world. So it is with you – only when you’re trusting, loving and rooted in your true Self will the life that is your highest potential begin to manifest. Only when you are walking on the path of your highest potential will you ever be able to shine brightly and bring light to the darkness in others.”

– Anon-

Shared by “Nancy”