What will you be a reflection of today?

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So many people who care, and I am learning quickly that as I share my caring with others it comes back to me ten fold.


I will let people know that I care every moment of this wonderful new day! 

I will smile, talk, listen and show how everyone how important they are in my world.

Good Morning

How will you let people know you care?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

What do men do for a woman?

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Fred LaMotte

Men who believe women.
Men who care for women in pain.
Men who praise women when
their bodies grow old.
Men who listen to women even when
they repeat themselves.
Men who hear women even when
they do not speak.
Men who grasp whole women
with their hearts,
not parts of women with their hands.
Men who hug women well,
radiance to radiance.
Men who linger by forest ponds
and gaze into green stillness,
speaking to the great Mother.
Men who travel deep into the wilderness
not to hunt or kill,
not to climb the highest peak,
but just to be there.
Men who know valleys,
observing the etiquette of mist,
the customs of cedar and willow.
Men who understand
that the fire in their belly
is the Goddess.

Painting by Autumn Skye Morrison