What can’t you buy?

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′′ Money can give us comfort and safety, but it can’t buy a happy life. Money buys the bed but not rest. Buy flattery but not friends Buy gifts for a woman but not her love. Buy the party ticket but not the joy. Pays school tuition but doesn’t produce the art of thinking. You need to conquer what money can’t buy Otherwise he will be a miserable, even if he is a millionaire.”
– Augustus Cury
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What do grandparents mean to you?

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Grandparents are the flowers every spring. It’s the honey in the words. They are the certainty of the hand out.
Grandparents are the most beautiful song. They are the most perfect story. They are the light on grey days. It’s the lap at every farewell. It’s the morning every dawn.
Grandparents are the road made of thin sand. It’s the smile on every return. They are the fireplace that never goes out.
Grandparents are the rainbow that makes us smile. Those are those desired drops of hope. They’re sure we’re that beautiful child forever.
– Marisa Sousa

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What does a Grandparent do?

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′′ We are grandparents:
– Grandparents who don’t spoil their grandchildren, because honestly who are the grandparents who want spoiled grandchildren? But give them a serene lap and a tight hug when they skin a knee or hurt their heart.
– Grandparents who know how to be the safe rear, without turning the lights of the spotlight on themselves.
– Grandparents to whom wisdom taught to distinguish the essentials from accessory.
– Grandparents who play without caring about their dirty laundry because we are tired of knowing that the hard stains are the ones that the lack of care for others leaves us in the soul.
– Grandparents who tell stories and don’t let the past forget, certain that they are the living memory in which grandchildren should cast their roots, so they don’t give in to the first storm.
These grandparents are us!”
– Isabel Stilwell
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What six directions should you look in every day?

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′′ Don’t forget every day to look in six directions:
Forward: to know where you are going and plan ahead.
Backward: to remember where you came from and avoid past mistakes.
Down: to make sure you’re not stepping on other people and causing your ruin along the way.
To the sides: to see who’s there to support him, and see who needs your support.
Upward: to remember that God is in control and takes care of everything and everyone.
Inward: to remind you how much you need to improve.”.
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