How Close

How close are you to finding your chi?
Maintaining balance, be all you can be.
Laughing out loud and singing a song
To find a smile and love that is strong.
How close are you to finding your soul?
Living life and conquering your goal.
Free your spirit and open your mind
Do not walk around your life so blind.
How close are you to finding your peace?
Sit and relax, take a breath and release.
Say hi to a stranger and offer a hand
Believe in yourself and make a stand.
How close are you to finding your heart?
Learning to trust is a great way to start.
Live your life and take a double dose
Look in the mirror just to see how close.

Written and shared by “Troy”


In the last week I have received many calls from many friends who have been having their bodies worked on based on new and different ways to:

  • Scan their body
  • Diagnose their body
  • Work with their body
  • Nourish their body
  • Determine problems areas within their body
  • Balance their body
  • Get well, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually

A lot of this work today is being done through energy sensing and becoming aware of the the brilliance of the human being on many levels……This is what the channel says about


This word is one, which has been used in error to describe the intelligence of the individual human being on earth. At this time it is necessary to know that each human being has a brilliance, which shines from the inside out. This brilliance is carried through life by the human being in the form of light, an aura, chi or energy field, which allows you to know what the level of wellness, is in your physical body. This energy field is seen by many, and at this time in history more and more human beings are becoming aware of the brilliance of the human beings who inhabit the earth.

This brilliance is not in the form of brainpower or brain training, which is also sometimes referred to as brilliance, it is the energy, which is generated from you from the inside out. This brilliance of which we are speaking is you. You are your own source of power and when you make the connection with your power source all will be well in your world.

Peace, love, light and blessings as you heal from the inside/out.

“White Eagle”