There are choices we have made in this life time to learn!

There are choices that we decided that we wanted to learn before we entered this life time.

Some of them are terribly hard choices that we have decided to learn, understand, or to grow from. These choices that we chose to learn long ago, we can change them, NOW!

Change them now, so that in our next lifetimes, we dont have to relearn them, over and over again, fix the wrongs right. Change them. We make daily choices, every moment, everyday. We choose to either be happy, sad, mad, glad or whatever it may be.

Start today, with making the choices that are best suited for you. A change of attitude is all it takes. We have encountered some hard lessons learned, we may have been a not so great, spouse, lover or parent, we may have done thingss, that we just shouldn’t have done. You can change that today, and start being a better you. Choices are a daily thing to do. Do you hold yourself in resentment of what you shoulda, coulda, woulda?   Its over and done! You can’t take back the past, but you can change your choices today with a simple

  • Ì`m sorry,
  • I Love You,
  • or please forgive me!

Don’t hold your head in shame, hold it high.

Lift your head out of the darkness, out of the sadness, begin today with the choices that are for the highest of good for you and those around you that you hold dear to your heart.

Stop belittling yourself, stop neglecting yourself, for the wrongs you may have done.

Choose this moment, this today, as the first day of your life……….

Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer